Steam Engineering and Steam Turbines

In this Section students can learn how the steam turbine works, the essentials of Rankine cycle, Regeneration, Reheat, Impulse turbine, Impulse reaction turbine steam nozzles, Compounding, Throttle Governing of steam turbines, TS diagram of water and how to use steam tables etc by the help of eminent video lectures.  The total time to go through all the video is approximately 2 hr. Thus one lecture daily can develop clear concepts of basics of steam turbines.The following is the organised list of contents.Kindly go through..

  1. TS diagram of water
  2. How to use steam tables?
  3. Rankine cycle
  4. Reheating In Rankine Cycle
  5. Regeneration In Rankine Cycle
  6. Binary vapor Cycle
  7. Compressible fluid flow through nozzle
  8. Impulse turbine, Force and power development over the blade
  9. Impulse Reaction Turbine working principle
  10. Compounding of steam turbines and its significance
  11. Throttle governing of steam turbines




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